Our first product is a bivalent SARS coronavirus vaccine candidate composed of two antigens designed from regions of the spike protein of the SARS coronavirus close to the host receptor. The two antigens are displayed on a multiplex self-assembling nanoparticle directly encoded by messenger RNAs. This multiplex nanoparticle enhances immune response, including long term adaptive cell-mediated immunity. The pursued advantages of our nanoparticle vaccine are longer protection, protection against viral dissemination and associated neuropathology, and reduction of the number of challenges necessary for immunization.

Parallel Tracks

Phylex BioSciences follows parallel tracks for preclinical-grade manufacturing and cGMP manufacturing of our candidate vaccines. This will allow the company to move directly into cGMP production after our preclinical immunogenicity and protection studies are completed.

Phylex BioSciences follows parallel tracks for the formulation and delivery of our mRNA candidate vaccines. The immunogenicity results of different formulations of our mRNA encoding our multiplex nanoparticle are obtained at the same time.

Phylex BioSciences is pursuing a mRNA formulation with the objective of eliminating cold chain logistics for our candidate mRNA vaccine.