Our first product is a universal SARS coronavirus vaccine candidate composed of an antigen designed from conserved regions of the spike protein of the SARS coronavirus. This antigen is displayed on a self-assembling nanoparticle. This virus-like particle will enhance immune response and reduce the number of challenges necessary for immunization.

Parallel Tracks

Phylex BioSciences follows parallel tracks for research-grade manufacturing and GMP manufacturing of its candidate vaccine. This will allow the company to move directly into GMP production after its immunogenicity studies are completed.

Phylex BioSciences follows parallel tracks for the formulation and delivery of its vaccines, including mRNA delivery and various adjuvants. The immunogenicity results of our VLP with various adjuvants and of RNA encoding our universal antigen will be obtained at the same time.

Phylex BioSciences is pursuing an accelerated development of stable cell lines with the latest technology that allows us to obtain GMP manufacturing-ready cells within months of results of immunogenicity studies.